Mama and Daddy keep the doors locked at night
So we’re safe
So nothing bad gets in
And us kids are safe
And can’t get out without them knowing
When I’m bigger, I’ll have keys to all the doors

And then I can run


Now I ‘m the mama and I keep the doors locked at night
So we’re safe
So nothing bad gets in
And the kids are safe
And can’t get out without my knowing
So many locks, so many doors, so many choices
So many decisions
When they’re bigger, they’ll all get their own keys

And then I can run


The attendants keep the doors locked day and night
So everyone is safe
So nothing bad gets in
And the residents are all safe
And don’t wander off and get lost
No keys needed now, just waiting for that last door to open

And then I can run


(OctPoWriMo 2019, Day 5, Prompt: Doorways, Suggested form/format: The Bop)

Tetractys x 2

Today’s Octpowrimo prompt is Maya Angelou’s poem Caged Bird, and the suggested form is tetractys. Here are my offerings for Day 4:

Door’s open
Fly away
Wait, one minute
How will I survive in the great unknown?

Here’s the key
No, you keep it
No need for all the armor with you here

Anywhere But Here

Six of Swords

I want to run away from me
Maybe to sea
Or fly away
But either way

Don’t know what’s there for me to find
Just leave behind
All of the past
What didn’t last

To find myself, my soul renewed
Not all unglued
My heart alone
Now that you’ve gone


(Day 2 of OctPoWriMo 2019, with the suggestion to write it as Minute Poetry, which I’d never heard of. Learning new things every day! I like to have some kind of photo for each blog post, but couldn’t think of what would work, until I drew this card as this morning’s “Card of the Day”. Perfect match!)


Old Car Entropy 10.1.19


I pilot my vehicle through the waning days

With fairly regular maintenance, and increasing repairs

Some things I just live with because there are no true replacement parts

Only post-manufacture add-ons that must suffice, and so they do, more or less

I find I’m enjoying the ride more even as my cruising speed drops

I’ve figured out that I can only enjoy the scenery if it’s not zooming by




(My first attempt at poetry in I don’t know how long, inspired by discovering OctPoWriMo 2019 just in time to participate.)