Music To Write By

When I was in college, I used music to help me study. Unlike some hardcore rock-and-rollers, though, my study music had to have a calming tempo and no words, like Bach or Native American flute or Celtic harp. I eventually expanded that to include Enya because the music was smooth and the vocals unobtrusive. When I’ve needed music to drown out the TV during writing time, these have been my stand-bys.

Recently, though, I started wondering what other people were writing to, and put “music to write by” into Google to find out. The first link I clicked through on (and the only one so far, since I’m still exploring the site) is Writers around the world have put together mixes of varying lengths and loaded them for others’ inspirational pleasure. Over the past few days I’ve listened to some really nice indie music that I would have never run across otherwise, and found that the increase in tempo in some of the songs really increases my writing flow. I also have realized that part of why I no longer listen to commercial radio is not only the annoying commercials but also that I just don’t have the patience to listen to sad, depressing songs anymore. Me and Carly Simon FTW.

Writing – Not Just For Your Mental Health

This article showed up in my newsfeed recently, and a couple of friends also forwarded me the link. I knew about Pennebaker’s work, but hadn’t heard about the 2013 New Zealand study that showed that wound healing times and pain related to physical injuries were also improved by even a short-term therapeutic writing regimen. Looks like we’re doing something right.

Still Journaling

decorated journal 9.16.14

Even though I haven’t been posting here, I have still been writing daily. It is what helps keep me sane (hence the title of the blog). I’ve also been playing with collages as a form of journaling and decided to jazz up my current notebook a little bit. I bought some clear adhesive shelf liner to protect the cover, since my notebooks get knocked around a bit on my desk and in bags with other books and other stuff.